"Ferris" Ableaim Xtraordinary Day Off

Name:   "Ferris" Ableaim Xtraordinary Day Off

CRN:   160780

Points:   1694 FDCh-S

Title:   Flyball Dog Champion Silver

Breed:   Whippet

Nick-Name:   "Ferris Bueller, Fearless Ferris"

Owner(s):   Shawn Hart

Likes:   Socks, Counter Surfing, Car Rides, Deer Antlers

Dislikes:   Being crated when another dog is playing

Information:   Ferris is a strong-willed boy, and not very sensitive like other whippets. He loves to work, even for long periods of time, especially if it involves a cookie. He enjoys swimming with his brother, Newman, snuggling, and any other attention-seeking naughty behaviors. He is extremely smart, and knows how to open drawers, cabinets, closets and other containers to hunt for treasure. He is an attention-seeker and enjoys wearing "fun ears."

  He is titled in C-Wags Obedience, Rally, and NADD Dock Diving, and will likely do scent work or barn hunt to put his inquisitive nose to work.