Name:   Piper

CRN:   021375

Points:   20098 ONYX

Title:   ONYX Award

Breed:   All American

Best Time:   4.620 - 5/14/2005 - PP The South Carolina Classic 05

Nick-Name:   "Doodlebug, Wagglepuss Poochiehead, Mooch"

Owner(s):   Laura Lankford

Likes:   squirrels, bunnies, food, snuggles and her Daddy

Dislikes:   riding in the car, being told to "go potty", not being an only child

Information:   Piper was adopted from Happy Hills Animal Foundation (hhaf.org) in Staley, NC on Aug. 11, 2001. After 8 years of running flyball, she finally earned her ONYX title in Aug, 2011. Although she loves flyball, I decided to retire her in her old age so she can live a life of luxury (like she wasn't before).

  CGC, CL1-F