Brookridge Calisto Fairest

Name:   Brookridge Calisto Fairest

CRN:   020881

Points:   18180 FMCh

Title:   Flyball Master Champion

Breed:   Australian Shepherd

Best Time:   5.033 - 1/14/2006 - DGF Winter Wuffest V

Nick-Name:   "Callie, Fluff-butt, Brat"

Owner(s):   Nadine and Andy McBride

Likes:   Anything edible and trying to kill water hoses

Dislikes:   Not getting her own way

Information:   Callie is a 10-year-old Aussie. When she isn't playing flyball, Callie enjoys playing with her "brother" Splash and watching over her human child, Cam.

  NAFA Flyball Master(FM), NADAC Novice Agility Certificate (NAC), ASCA Regular Standard Novice (RS-N), AKC Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ), NADAC Open Gamblers Certificate (OGC), ASCA Gamblers Standard Open (GS-O), NADAC Tunnelers Open (TN-O), NADAC Open Jumpers Certificate (OJC), USDAA Starters Jumpers (SJ)