Name:   Faye

CRN:   070291

Points:   31530 FGDCh

Title:   Flyball Grand Champion

Breed:   Border Collie

Best Time:   4.310 - 7/09/2011 - DDD Athens, GA

Nick-Name:   "Fay-bee, The Faye-Ster"

Owner(s):   Cheryl Lynn

Likes:   running fast - agility, flyball, fetch, you name it

Dislikes:   rude dogs, her toys in the toy box

Information:   All things belong to Faye. Toys, treats, attention. They all belong to Faye. She told me to write this.


Flyball titles: FD, FDX, FDCH, FDCH-S, FDCH-G, FM, FMX (3-09) FM-CH (2-10), ONYX (3-11)

USDAA titles: Performance AD, Performance AAD, currently competing at P3 level.

AKC Agility Titles: NA, NF, NJ, OA, OJ, OF

Level 4 in CPE Agility

NADAC agility titles: N-TN, O-TN