Topbrass Ginger Snap

Name:   Topbrass Ginger Snap

CRN:   070685

Points:   92757 FG90K

Title:   Flyball Grand Champion 90k

Breed:   Golden Retriever

Best Time:   4.028 - 7/13/2008 - DDD Athens GA

Nick-Name:   ""Ginny","Ginny G", "GG""

Owner(s):   Dave and Sandy Thomas

Likes:   everything but baths! (and she's not too crazy about flying)

Dislikes:   people reaching to grab her when she's 'Ginny gone wild'

Information:   Ginny is a Field Trial Golden Retriever and she was born February 2005. We got Ginny at 7 weeks old and we flew her to North Carolina in our Grumman Tiger from Florida. Ginny is fast and solid, but is very bad "lunger" on her return leg. So, she usually runs anchor.

  CPE Qualifying Agility Run (Jumpers - 20 pts 04/28/2007)
FD,FDX (7/14/07)
FDCH (9/23/07)
FDCH-S (10/6/07)
CGC (10/9/07)
CPE Level 1 Fun CL1-F (12/15/07)
CPE Level 1 Strategy - CL1-S (12/15/07)
FDCH-G (1/20/08)
U-Fli TF (4/12/08)
2nd fastest U-Fli Golden Retriever of all time at 4.180 (4/12/08)
FM (5/24/08)
Nominated and selected as one of 6 dogs for a "Dream Team" at the Coconut Classic '08 (6/22/08)
Jumped 18'10" at the Dock Dogs Big Air competition in BelAir, MD (8/3/08).  

Placed 3rd in Dock Dog's Master's division July 2010.

Still 2nd fastest U-Fli Golden Retriever of all time at 4.143 (8/30/08)
FMX (01/24/09)
FMCH (04/04/09)
U-Fli TFE (4/11/09)
still the 2nd fastest U-Fli Golden Retriever at 4.139 (4/11/09)
ONYX (08/08/09)
FGDCH (7/10)
U-Fli TFE-I (09/26/09)
U-Fli TFE-II (2010)

Still the 2nd fastest U-Fli Golden Retriever (all time) at 4.066 (inc start time)
Fastest Golden Retriever in U-fli (2010) @ 4.066.

First place Division II Singles Racing, U-fli Nationals, 2010.

FG40K (5/28/11)
FG50K (3/3/12)
FG60K (10/12/12)
FG70K (7/13/13)

Fury Award (3/23/14)

FG80K (5/24/2014)

Pictures by Diane Lewis.