Name:   Pip

CRN:   030603

Points:   26098 ONYX

Title:   ONYX Award

Breed:   Border Collie

Best Time:   4.625 - 1/20/2007 - Winter WufFest VI

Nick-Name:   "Pips, Bug"

Owner(s):   Andy & Nadine McBride

Likes:   Sleeping under beds

Dislikes:   Young energetic housemates

Information:   Pip was a rescue dog that had a hard life growing up being picked on by the other dogs and not being socialized well with humans. When we first got her at 10 months old she was so timid she wouldn't even accept food from strangers if they set it in front of her and stood back. After 3+ years of flyball training to get over the fear of the box and the other dogs she started running as the first of the second generation GDG dogs. A torn ACL took her out for 9 months and her time away from flyball she was very frustrated. Not wanting to miss another tournament she's got nearly unlimited confidence now and took over a second off her run time pre-ACL tear.

  Pip was the first of dogs by joining date to achieve her Onyx title.
Pip was the 3rd dog running entirely under GDG to achieve her Irondog title running for points in 10 consecutive racing years.

NADAC TN-N, AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC), NADAC Novice Tunnelers Certificate (TN-N)