Name:   Hemi

CRN:   090067

Points:   7034 FM

Title:   Flyball Master

Breed:   Pit Bull Mix

Best Time:   4.391 - 4/08/2012 - DGF at DKC

Nick-Name:   "Hemi-ester, Hoodlum, Booger..."

Owner(s):   Jovana Fizovich

Likes:   Playing ball, long hikes/running at Harris Lake, and snuggling.

Dislikes:   Waking up in the morning.

Information:   I rescued Hemi from a sure death when he was about 6 weeks old and did not plan on keeping him. I have now completely fallen in love with him and cannot imagine not having him in my life. He has turned out to be a wonderful pet and companion and lives to please.

  *Hemi earned his FD on 01-25-09 at the DGF Winter Wuffest!!!

*He earned his FDX on 03-01-09 at the Pawmetto Pack tournament in SC. He also had his first 4.5 sec run!

*Hemi earned his FDCh at our own tournament - GDG March Madness on 03.21.09. :)

*He earned his FDCh - Silver at the DGF Season Opener Tournament on 04.05.09!

*He earned his FDCh - Gold at the DGF "The Fly Ball" Tournament on 09.20.09.

* He earner his FM on 04-30-11 at the FF Sweet Tea Classic.