Name:   Bender

CRN:   110513

Points:   48393 FG40K

Title:   Flyball Grand Champion 40k

Breed:   Border Collie

Best Time:   3.636 - 9/15/2012 - DGF Fairgrounds

Nick-Name:   "Fender Bender, Blue Boy, Bendy"

Owner(s):   Kyle

Likes:   Tennis balls and flying disks

Dislikes:   He doesn't like to be teased in any way

Information:   9/19/10 We put ice cubes in the water bowl. Bender approached very cautiously. It took him several minutes to get close enough to taste the water. Once we showed him it was OK, he was interested in the ice. He stuck his whole face in the water bowl! Minutes later, we heard splashing. He had both feet in the bowl, and was hopping around and tossing water all over the floor. It took a beach towel to clean up the mess. 3/29/11 We found out that Bender does NOT like it when you tease him with zerberts. 2/17/14 We ran in the Pawmetto Pack tournament over the weekend. He got several 3.6's and lots of false starts.

  9/20/10 Bender is in puppy training class. He's a super star, putting his classmates to shame.
4/1/11 Bender has a CRN.
4/1/11 Bender carried two tennis balls in his mouth this morning. Apparently he REALLY wants me to play fetch with him.
9/16/12  to date his fastest time is: 3.636!  (set at DGF's tournament in Raleigh, NC) Bender is consistently running 3.7s now.
9/28/13 Bender got his Onyx