Name:   Monty

CRN:   120855

Points:   28596 ONYX

Title:   ONYX Award

Breed:   American Pit Bull Terrier

Best Time:   4.191 - 12/03/2012 - NRR Blacksburg, VA

Owner(s):   Mandy Tinnemore

Likes:   BALLS!! Balls, balls, balls! His mom :)

Dislikes:   Not having the above

Information:   Don't let his size and looks fool you, he's really quite delicate. No really!

  He earned his CGC in November 2010
He earned his AKC Rally Novice title 6/23/12
He earned his Akc Rally Advanced title 9/3/12
APDT Rally Level 1 title - 2/2013
APDT Rally Level 2 title - 5/2013