Quicksilver Play with Heart "FeeBee"

Name:   Quicksilver Play with Heart "FeeBee"

CRN:   130814

Points:   31099 FGDCh

Title:   Flyball Grand Champion

Breed:   BRat (Border Collie/Rat Terrier)

Best Time:   4.148 - 11/23/2013 - HJJ November 2013

Owner(s):   Sheila and John McHugh

Likes:   Toys, frisbees, swimming and her brothers.

Information:   FeeBee's mother is the beautiful Quicksilver Eye Candy (BadaBing) and her father is Topper the Show Stopper (Rat Terrier). She's a BRat.

  FeeBee, Onyx and a PB of 3.86.  

Thanks to Irene Cotter and Alise Bauer for their great shots of my beautiful little girl.