Name:   George

CRN:   070131

Points:   42010 FG40K

Title:   Flyball Grand Champion 40k

Breed:   Whippet

Best Time:   4.090 - 9/28/2013 - DGF Sept

Nick-Name:   "G-Money" "Georgie" "The Punk"

Owner(s):   Shawn Hart

Likes:   Anything edible. "Bob," his prefered handler. Soft pillows.

Dislikes:   Hot sauce

Information:   George was a failed foster in whippet rescue - adopted when he was almost 3 years old. He needed a job and will do anything for food, so Flyball was a perfect fit. George loves Flyball but can be a "punk" in the race lane if another dog is trash-talking him, so running him in start is usually prefered. He is quite the "ladies man" and has a following on

  CGC, and 30k+ points in Flyball, getting pancakes off the back of the counter from between paper towels in 3 seconds flat (and without anybody noticing)