"Newman" Whippetview's Walking in Memphis

Name:   "Newman" Whippetview's Walking in Memphis

CRN:   120788

Points:   17953 FMCh

Title:   Flyball Master Champion

Breed:   Whippet

Nick-Name:   "Newmie" "Zoomin' Newman" "The Newmanator"

Owner(s):   Shawn Hart

Likes:   Frisbee, swimming, watching Meerkat Manor on TV, burrowing under bed covers, ear-rubbies

Dislikes:   Watching other dogs play when he's in a crate

Information:   Newman is an all-around awesome dog. He competes in Flyball and Disc Dog (frisbee), and has some training in obedience, rally, agility and dock-diving. This boy loves everything about life. Newman is a swimmer and even has the markings of a white speedo on his butt to prove it. Ok, they could also been seen as "tighty-whities." He has a sweet soul and knows how to work you for a treat. He will sit politely as far away from the table, waiting for you to toss a treat.

  1) If you ask him what he like to do, he will respond by vocalizing "run around." 2) He can out-swim most labs to a ball thrown into a lake. 3) being awesome